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While nature determines the Carat-weight, Color and Clarity of a rough diamond, man is responsible for its ultimate beauty. The cutting and shaping of a diamond requires artistry, precision and enormous skill to reveal the fire deep within its heart.


In a precisely cut diamond light enters, is reflected internally from one mirror-like facet to another, and passes out through the face of the diamond to blaze in a fire of brilliance.


The Cut also refers to the shape of a diamond such as the Round Brilliant, Princess, Marquise, Emerald-Cut, Pear, Oval, and the romantic Heart-shaped diamond. The shape you prefer is a matter of personal taste. Try on various shapes and you will recognize your favorite to match your personality.

We accompany your diamond through its journey from the earth, and through our exceptional craftsmanship, until it emerges as a beautifully designed and unique piece especially for you.


Express Yourself and Life Sparkles…

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