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Diamonds are found in every imaginable color of nature, like the colors of a rainbow, a sunset, blue oceans or blossoming flowers; from yellow, pink, blue, green, champagne and black to the extremely rare red. Looking at a beautiful, natural colored diamond is an unforgettable experience. In nature they occur very rarely, and the more intense the color, the rarer the diamond is.

International gemological institutes use a grading scale that rates a diamond's color by three primary characteristics: the hue, the tone and the saturation. The hue in color grading refers to the primary and notable colors in a diamond, the tone refers to the lightness or darkness of the hue, or the primary color of the diamond, and the saturation is the measure of how strong and intense the primary color of the diamond actually is. This leads to the grading scale:

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These extremely precious diamonds present themselves as supremely appropriate for expressing your mood, your passion, your dreams and your desires.

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