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Finding your diamond

Diamonds are truly a miracle of Nature. Billions of years ago, deep inside the earth, immense heat and pressure created the hardest mineral known, and, being so rare, the most highly desired for its beauty and strength. A diamond is "forever" and therefore nothing is more appropriate as the symbol of everlasting love. Diamonds have always been the most precious gift that people could give to each other.
Within the vast variety of diamonds, how do you know which is "the one" for you?


In our gallery you will become familiar with the four C´s, the main characteristics by which the value and quality of a diamond are determined. The combination of these make it possible to identify the individual quality of every diamond, and provide the confidence that it is unique. The four C´s refer to Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight, and are based on an international grading standard.

Valueing a diamond on the four C´s alone would be like describing your loved one only by eye color or height, with no reference to the qualities within. Like that of the person who treasures it, the life within every single diamond is unique.


Choosing a diamond is a matter of trust and confidence. We are by your side to share our knowledge with you and help you to make your ideal choice.


Find your diamond, and begin an everlasting love affair

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